Injury Deaths, 2004-2017
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(More Information on Age Standardized Rates)
Note: We have published our study investigating fall-related mortality, as presented in the data, among British Columbians aged 85+ years between the years of 2006 and 2015 and the anomaly we noticed. Read the study and view our factsheet to avoid any misrepresentation of trends.
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Specific Type of Drug-related Deaths from External Causes*
Note: Alcohol or drug related deaths include deaths with alcohol or drug as underlying causes as well as contributing factors to the death. Alcohol-related deaths are based on codes that are 100% attributable. Drug-related deaths are based on codes for unintentional poisoning, intentional self-poisoning, homicide, and mental and behavioural disorders due to the use of drugs. Please note that due to varying coding criteria and methods, numbers for alcohol and drug-related deaths may differ from other publications.
Note: * These are chemicals found at the time of death upon toxicology screening at autopsy. It makes no judgement if these are for legal or illicit drug use.
Note: Each of the types of drug-related deaths are not mutually exclusive; there may be the presence of other drugs in addition to the specified drug.
Note: The default feature of the tool excludes Non-BC Residents from the provincial counts by region of residence. To include Non-BC Residents, select the option under region. All deaths including those among Non-BC residents are included when selecting by region of death.