Note: Data is from the MV6020 Traffic Accident Report, a report completed by Police to record details of a collision. Not all collisions in British Columbia are attended by police or reported to police, therefore the counts of victims should not be considered comprehensive.
Note: Only injured or fatal victims have been included; homicides, suicides and death from natural causes are EXCLUDED. Victims of collisions on roads where the Motor Vehicle Act does not apply (such as Forest Service roads, industrial roads and private land), and off-road snowmobile collisions are EXCLUDED.
Note: In 2008, legislation changed so that police are no longer required to attend all crashes and attendance is at their discretion. For this reason, there has been a marked decrease in the number of police-attended reports submitted. We caution that decreasing crash counts which include police-reported data may be misleading. The injury counts are therefore only available until 2007.