Injury Hospitalizations, 2001/02-2019/20 Injury Hospitalizations, 2002-2019
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Note: * Hospital length of stay is based on each hospitalization and not the total episode of care.
Note: ** Hospitalization costs are calculated by applying the cost of a standard hospital stay to the resource intensity weights. Resource intensity weights are used to measure the intensity of resource use (relative cost) associated with different diagnostic, surgical procedure and demographic characteristics of an individual. The cost of a standard hospital stay is a measure which is adjusted for differences in types of patients a hospital sees and gives a sense of how efficiently acute care hospital services are provided. The costs calculated are based on the most recent available cost of a standard hospital stay for BC which is $6,618 for 2019/20 (source: Canadian Institute for Health Information). Please note that the standard cost does not include the costs of physician services.
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